We provide the finest commercial, resort, and residential landscape design, construction, and maintenance services. We create outdoor spaces where people get lost in the beauty and delight. We build from a mixture of a clients desires and our extensive design background to create perfectly refined gardens. Our passion and experience qualify us for small intimate gardens to large complex projects.

President / Director of Design

Jeremy McVicars

Jeremy’s imagination and ingenuity have been the driving force behind Refined Gardens. From an early age and into college, Jeremy’s artistry and designs have scored many awards and notoriety. Jeremy spent 13 years at Berghoff Design Group as Director of Design. As president and founder of Refined Gardens, Jeremy focuses his passion and leadership on the design and construction of the most refined exterior spaces. His work has been published in the magazines Phoenix Home & Garden, Luxe, Beautiful Homes, North Valley, AZ-Lifestyle, Arizona Foothills and Arizona Residential Architects featuring design perspectives inspired by his extensive travels. Jeremy works to build a culture of collaboration in an inspiring environment. When Jeremy isn’t guiding and motivating the team, he enjoys traveling with his beautiful wife and being inspired by gardens around the world.

General Manager

Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie brings to Refined Gardens a background in office management, landscaping and marketing. Her solution-oriented approach and optimism keeps the team progressive and fresh. A Georgia native and history enthusiast, she brings the genteel southern culture to a hurried metropolis with the goal of organic decision making and getting it right the first time.

Maintenance Coordinator

Nicole Nuessle

Nicole is the center of maintenance activity, fostering relationships with our esteemed clients and well-reputed crews. Her administrative skills enable a more coordinated, seamless approach in handling client-specific concerns and special enhancement requests (for the poor souls who didn’t have Refined Gardens create their initial design). When Nicole is not organizing and handling important issues at Refined Gardens, she is on duty as supermom, actively supporting her two teenagers between football, basketball and soccer games. Nicole enjoys creating and sharing healthy dips and spreads including hummus (likely owing to her fabulous Greek heritage)!

H.R. Director

Stacy McVicars

Stacy is responsible for ensuring and furthering the vision of Refined Gardens. From developing standard operating procedures to creating and establishing relationships, Stacy draws from her over ten years of customer service, specializing in insurance coordination. A true lover of animals, Stacy makes a point of visiting a wildlife sanctuary or habitat on every vacation. She is a talented author of many farcical stories.

Designer / Project Manager

Ryan Sawdey

Ryan joins Refined Gardens with a ‘FUN’ style of design derived from his Southern California Swagger. His portfolio ranges from small scale projects including high-end residential and restaurant design as well as macro scale projects such as parks and master community planning. Ryan insists on bringing back the art of hand rendered graphics in honor the creative process and as a better approach to design in such a computerized age. When out of the office, he can be found outdoors camping, hiking, fishing or surfing up and down the California coast. He is a graduate of ASU with a Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture and is an active member of the Surfrider Foundation.

Designer / Project Manager

Sean DiVincenzo

Sean is an architectural consultant and designer from Long Island who threw a dart at a map and ended up in Arizona. Sean brings to Refined Gardens his many years of experience in planning larger estates and environmental studies, specializing in 3-D renderings. His designs have been published in various publications and he won a recent competition to design the gates to an entire city. He answered the call of duty, serving at Ground Zero and achieving the rank of sergeant for his diligent efforts. Sean is a Mini Cooper enthusiast and spends his free time on road trips with his wife, taking photographs and building steampunk goggles.

Designer / Project Manager

Harrison Hoffman

Harrison harnesses a strong passion for design that has been cultivated throughout his years of experience in the design industry. He first realized his love for plants while working summers at a plant nursery growing up in Nevada. After traveling throughout Europe, he developed an appreciation for early architecture and european gardens. Harrison enjoys drawing from that affinity and blending in modern design elements to create organized and purposeful designs evoking various emotions throughout an estate. His work has been featured in Las Vegas magazines. When not dreaming up a new design, Harrison enjoys camping, fishing, traveling, and cheering on the San Diego Chargers with his wife, Ashley and new daughter, Violet.

Designer / Project Manager

Marcos Carrillo

While working as a building architect, Marcos saw the need for more visionary and imaginative landscape design. Realizing he could fill that role, he traveled to Arizona looking for inspiration to help with his first landscape design. He fell in love with Arizona so he and his wife, Melissa (who is also an architect) moved here. Marcos found a job working four years for a leading landscape design firm before joining Refined Gardens. Marcos and Melissa have three darling children (if we posted their pictures, the internet could not contain the cuteness). Marcos’ approach to design and his architectural expertise add yet another angle to the Refined Gardens spectrum, not to mention he makes one heck of a margarita!

Designer / Project Manager

Kayla Sawada

Kayla grew up in Victoria, BC. The exhilarating surroundings were a great setting to nurture her fondness for nature, capturing the rugged beauty and wildlife through photography and hand-drawings. The combination of these two passions developed into a real keen focus for design. This cool Canadian moved to the hot Arizona desert to attend ASU 6 years ago. Kayla has worked on larger scale projects but she is eager to concentrate on residential homes that are more intimate, allowing for deeper creativity. True to her roots, Kayla loves hockey and beer, always willing to try a local brew. We are thrilled to have this charming outdoors devotee a part of our team.